Yin, Yang, The What, and The How

April 13, 2011

Great product teams understand what a product does and how it works are interconnected and interdependent…and focus on the boundary between the two.

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The Roadmap Integrity Process: An Overview

March 6, 2011
Project bubble chart organized into four quadrants.

What exactly is the Roadmap Integrity Process? In a nutshell, it’s a lightweight methodology for transforming a list of vague and often, half-baked ideas for new features, enhancements, and even engineering/architecture work, into a solid operating plan that accounts for execution risk.

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Moving Bubbles Towards the Green

March 4, 2011
Moving to the Green

Inevitably, once you’ve classified projects according to business impact, cost, and execution risk, you’ll have projects that are too costly and/or risky. What do you then? Hint: your teams already know how to do it.

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When Business Goals Are Lost in Translation

March 1, 2011
Hey, at least they tried.

We’ve invested more effort into formulating business strategy and the best practices of building software than we have into figuring out how to accurately map one to the other. As as result, sometimes things are lost in translation.

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Roadmap Planning: The Brady Bunch Movie of Software

February 26, 2011
The Brady Bunch Movie

We’ve come a long way in how software developers write code, how QA verifies that it works correctly, and how software projects are managed. And once that’s done, it’s faster and cheaper than ever before to make software available to users. Yet there’s one aspect of creating software that hasn’t really changed.

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